Therapy, Psychological Support and Coaching
servicios-1Expatriates and/or their partners/families that get established in Germany usually do not know the language or have some basic knowledge, often not enough to face everyday situations, so that they need the services of an interpreter if the communication is orally; or a translator, if it is written.
In addition, if the required role is beyond to transfer information from one language to the other, they require an intercultural mediator. This person interprets expressions, intentions, perceptions and expectations of a cultural group to the other, setting and balancing the communication between them.

Communicate to relate, relate to grow.

We offer translation, consecutive interpretation and intercultural mediation, as the situation demands, whether by email, telephone or videoconference. In the professional field, intercultural mediation becomes increasingly necessary because all that involves the process of globalization in the business world.

Translation, Interpretation and (Intercultural) Mediation
servicios-2Expatriation, increasingly present in our daily lives, is a major challenge that requires mobilizing many personal and professional resources. On the one hand, a good performance at work in a new environment with different language and cultural codes is needed.

On the other hand, on a personal level there is loss of roots and of the affective and social environment. Often, in partner and family relationships, moments of personal crisis, unrest and conflicts happen. Therapy provides support and skills to make this challenge an opportunity for personal and professional growth.

We know to help you in the important challenges.

Therapy specialised in expatriation processes – individual, partner or family – together with coaching tools, promotes success in our personal and work projects abroad.

Language Course and Cultural Training, Customs
servicios-3When we move to another country with a different language, we also change the culture and mentality. Therefore, in order to facilitate adaptation to the new environment it is not only necessary to learn the language, it is also necessary to acquire basic knowledge of politics, history and society, as well as to get to know the cultural peculiarities of everyday life and work.

Open a new window to the world.

Our courses cover, apart from german oral and written language, also subjects such as history and traditions, their ways of relating, body language, communication by phone, dress code, etc., which facilitate the adaptation to Expatriates and/or their partner/family to the new environment.