laB participates in the 1st Congress of SIETAR Spain

In the 1st SIETAR Spain Congress hold in Malaga in September 2018, the work carried out by the ROI committee created in January 2018 from SIETAR Spain and formed by Nina Heindrichs, Anna Zelno and other consultants committed to the field of Intercultural Training as Beatriz Knupfer (laB Mobility), Claudia Issa and Jasmine Chamizo, was presented in a round table.

The research work has been divided into two phases: the first phase consisted of a review of studies and reports on the ROI of intercultural training at national and international level, and in a second phase a questionnaire was prepared in order to interview a dozen HR managers of the most relevant Spanish companies.

These first results served as a basis to generate a debate around this issue with all that entails good and bad for trainers, participants and companies. The members of the working group as well as several international experts in this field participated in the discussion.